Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Victories

The cover art for Killing Red has arrived, and it’s outstanding! If you got here by way of my homepage then you’ve already seen it. If not, please take a moment to check it out, I’ll wait…

I do believe that cover art sells books. At the very least, a compelling cover can separate a book from the pack, and coax potential buyers into picking it up.

This one does everything it’s supposed to. It rocks!

I had imagined what the cover of my book might look like, as any author would. This cover looks nothing like what I had imagined—it’s much, much better.

You may already know that most authors have very little if any say over what their covers will look like. I’ve watched readers walk up to an author and tell them, “I love the covers of your books.” To which the author replies, “Thank you, so do I.” This is not any sort of arrogance on the part of the writer, but rather a bit of gratitude for the gifted artist whose vision is now forever linked to theirs.

I was in the middle of a productive day of writing when the cover arrived. Well, so much for that. It’s okay, though. An wise author friend of mine once told me that the moments of success for a writer can sometimes feel like they’re few and far between. So it’s important to celebrate them, no matter how small. A buddy of mine who is working on his first book recently emailed to tell me that he capped a particularly good day of writing with a nice glass of wine. Well done.

Whether it’s starting a new novel or completing a short story, finishing an outline or reaching a word count target. However you choose to mark these achievements, make sure to take a moment to enjoy what you’ve accomplished. If you string enough of them together, they could add up to something much bigger.

Now, please excuse me as I try to stop looking at the cover of Killing Red so I can get some work done.


Davin C. Goodwin said...


That is a great looking cover. Congrats!

See ya at Love is Murder.

J.D. Smith said...

You rightly point out that little victories add up to big victories.

I've celebrated a couple of publications by going out to dinner with my wife and setting a copy of the new book on the table, and I once celebrated receiving a grant by sharing champagne with my wife and a friend in aviation.

The cover looks, um, smashing. I think I know a story or two behind it as well.

Joe the Pilot said...

Man, what a moment to see your first book as the public will see it! I can imagine how thrilled I would be to reach that landmark, regardless of what cover they put on it but to have it be something you love makes it just that much cooler. Congratulations, Henry!

I have two copies of The Lady in the Lake, one with a dull cover and the other featuring a blurry photo of a woman floating in the drink. Chandler needs no introduction but which one would you leaf through if you didn't know his work?

Looks like a win-win deal for you and the publisher here. This is no small victory; savor it well.

p.s. It was an excellent wine.

thriller reader said...

I very much appreciate the words of encouragement. Most of us, not just writers, need to be reminded to pause and take stock of our accomplishments from time to time. In the past I've treated myself to a nice quiet evening that does not include a to-do list.

P.S. Great Cover! Can't wait to buy a copy.

Henry Perez said...

Thank you for taking the time to post a comment, and to all the others who sent me an email about the KILLING RED cover! This sort of feedback is greatly appreciated.

Groovy Gal said...

Very eye-catching cover. It's going to look great on the stores shelves. Can't wait to pick up a copy for myself and have it autographed by the author, that would be you! How very cool and exciting it must feel to become a published writer. Congrats!

Bob Collins said...

It is a very nice cover. I want to pick it up even though it's not real yet.

Bob Collins said...

It is a nice cover. I want to pick it up even though it's not real yet.